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Partners In Prevention believes in protecting childhood for children today so they can fulfill their potential as adults tomorrow.

Resource Library

Reports and resources for parents and other adults.

State Agency Guide

If you need help right now, use this guide to find an agency in your area.

Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Law

Partners in Prevention believes all adults should be reporters. Find the reporting law in your state.

Child USA - Survivor Toolkit

A “toolkit” to help adult survivors step forward and report sex abuse that happened when they were children.

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Say no
Get away
Tell someone

Safety Awareness Education for Children

Safety Awareness Education is a primary prevention strategy that educates children to help them avoid physical and sexual abuse and other forms of violence they witness in their lives.

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Partners In Prevention diverse group of people

We are a diverse group of people from all walks of life, business, government and civil society.

Happy 2020: Partners In Prevention Annual Report is Here!

Happy 2020 and we hope this newsletter finds you well! Since 2010, Partners in Prevention has worked to increase awareness of the effects of child abuse and neglect while expanding opportunities to access prevention and support services within ...
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