Every Child Deserves a Childhood

every child deserves a childhood

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Partners In Prevention believes in protecting childhood for children today so they can fulfill their potential as adults tomorrow.

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Cheryl Jennings of ABC 7

Cheryl Jennings of ABC7 News reporting on the PiP training materials developed for the Safety Awareness Education for Children. Meet teacher Karen Vogel's first grade class at Argonne Elementary in San Francisco.

Dr. Moses Grossman, a pioneering partner in prevention

ABC7 News

Vice President Kathy Baxter and Founder Patty Shimek of Partners in Prevention with Carol Carrillo, ED of the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Contra Costa County, and Katie Albright, ED of the SF Child Abuse Prevention Center, discuss child abuse prevention efforts with ABC7's Cheryl Jennings.

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Safety Awareness Education for Children

Safety Awareness Education is a primary prevention strategy that educates children to help them avoid physical and sexual abuse and other forms of violence they witness in their lives.

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We are a diverse group of people from all walks of life, business, government and civil society.

Eliana Gil

Eliana Gil in San Francisco

Partners In Prevention sponsored Dr. Eliana Gil lecturing at Futures without Violence in the Presidio of San Francisco on current challenges and directions in providing helpful intervention to sexually abused children and their families. Dr. ...